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Organic Alloy (Epic)

Masks are great pieces to begin a costume. They display a lot of the character’s essence and personality; their finish and embellishments offer clues to your character’s desires and intentions.How much or how little of the face is covered provides a varying sense of illusion or secrecy.


This mask includes one set of leather straps which include an upper and lower pair fastened with metal button studs. These straps are size adjustable and customizable by color and metal finish



Epic pieces are completely painted and finished, and come ready to wear with padding, LEDs and straps installed. This rank is best suited for the adventurer who’s ready to dive into the action.

Learn more about our ranking system under our About page.


All items are printed with a variety of pre-drilled mounting point locations for strapping customization.

All items are printed using TPU filament, which has more flexibility and durability than other materials. Colors are as shown in the photo above but may differ slightly due to monitor settings.


Please let us know if you need any size accommodations- We do kid sizes as well!


    Leather Straps/Finishes
    LEDs Installed